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April 2024

Generative AI releases throughout the LinkSquares Cloud!

April showers typically mean May flowers here at LinkSquares, but 2024 is a little bit different. Instead of quick growing tulips & daffodils, LinkSquares has released a slew of generative AI features to fast track your contracting and project management workflows. Let's check them out. 

What’s new in contract lifecycle management?


Fast track contract review and negotiation with generative AI

We’ve infused the power of generative AI into our Microsoft Word integration, so you can supercharge your contract review without leaving the drafting tool of choice for legal teams. 

Get insight into an agreement or redlines in an instant — the AI will review the agreement, summarize key points, and answer questions about its contents. 

Plus, let AI take the first pass at drafting a clause or redlines. Just tell the AI what you’re looking to create, like “draft a non-compete clause”, and it will generate suggested language for you.

Want to see AI-powered contract review for yourself? Join our webinar on May 14 at 12:15 PM ET!

AI-Powered Contract Review: Contact your CSM to opt-in to this generative AI feature. 



Automatically generate suggested next steps for your Task Templates 

Unsure of the right steps for your task or project? Use AI to automatically generate suggested subtasks to include in your templated workflows. Simply tell the system what you need, for example “create a list to review marketing collateral" and AI will generate suggested steps you can incorporate in your Template. Accept, decline, or regenerate the suggestions to create a list of subtasks that fits your specific needs or processes.

AI-Suggested Subtasks: Contact your CSM to opt-in to this generative AI feature. 


Seamlessly submit legal requests right from Slack

Teams can now generate requests using Slack shortcuts or straight from the LinkSquares Slack app. Requesters fill out the Prioritize intake form and will receive a notification when the task has been submitted - simple as that. Legal can then see the task in Prioritize to start on the request.

And the best part? Everyone was able to stay in the tools they know and love.

04_PM_Prioritize-Slack-Integration (1)

Create Prioritize Tasks via Slack: Now available with the LinkSquares Slack Integration. If you need help getting set up or updating your existing integration, check out this step-by-step guide!


Want to learn more about the LinkSquares Cloud? Check out the new LinkSquares Academy!

Get the most out of LinkSquares with The LinkSquares Academy, our educational platform that offers product overview courses, on-demand spotlight webinars, monthly release notes, and more.