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August 2022 Release Roundup

Enhanced To-Do Tasks, more customizable templates in the Finalize SFDC integration and a simplified termination date

We're constantly evolving the LinkSquares platform to help you streamline your contract management process and close deals faster. Get precious time back for yourself and your team with these recent enhancements to the LinkSquares platform. 


To-do tasks in Finalize do more so you can do more, too.

You've worked hard to create an efficient contract approval process, but tracking the process manually and chasing down team members to complete actions is tiring.

Build to-do tasks into your agreement request forms with To-Do Tasks in Request Forms in Finalize and create sequential approval and to-do tasks for your templates with To-Do Task Sequences to help contract drafters keep track of what's next and who needs to be involved.



To-Do Tasks in Request Forms & To-Do Task Sequences: Now available for Finalize customers



Keep deals moving with more template customization and automation in our Salesforce Integration.

Save your sales team time as they draft and request agreements in Salesforce. When a deal has closed and they're ready to create an agreement, sales can now search by agreement name or filter by agreement type to locate the agreement template needed for the specific deal.


Template Filtering


And when sales begins drafting the agreement, Finalize will pull Salesforce data to auto-populate mapped agreement details and name the agreement, saving sales time while improving accuracy.

Don't fret; we didn't forget about Finalize Admins. We're making things easier for you, too, with more flexibility when creating the tokens for agreements drafted in Salesforce. With recent token enhancements, Admins can create multi-select tokens, set tokens as required or optional, and customize the order in which tokens are displayed within Finalize and Salesforce

Template Enhancements: Now available for customers with the Finalize App in Salesforce. Update your Salesforce integration to take advantage of these enhancements. 



Quickly identify when your contracts terminate.

Sometimes, less is more. That’s why we’ve combined Termination Date and Termination Date Calculated into one value in LinkSquares Analyze.

No more keeping track of two dates. You can now easily search for and report on when contracts terminate with a single source of truth for termination date.

Enhanced Termination Date: Now available for Analyze customers