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January 2024

Link related agreements and build dynamic questions on Request Templates in Finalize, plus take advantage of all the new Prioritize features!

Whether Punxsutawney Phil predicts six more weeks of winter or not, we do have four weeks of features to catch up on. Along with January updates, we’ll give you an overview of everything new in Prioritize from the second half of 2023.



What’s new in Contract Lifecycle Management?


Easily manage and track agreements related to each other.

Keeping all your agreements organized is easier said than done. Now, with Related Agreements, it’s easy to link agreements related to the same transaction, partnership, or deal. 

Related Agreements: now available in Finalize


Ensure accurate and relevant data collection with Dynamic Questions – now in Request Templates! 

Build custom logic into your Request Templates to capture only necessary information from requestors, saving time during contract request and creation. 


Dynamic Questions: Now available in Finalize (and the Finalize App for Salesforce!)


What’s new in Legal Project Management?


A lot. That’s why we’re recapping all the new features from Prioritize from the end of 2023. We’re continuing to evolve Prioritize to help teams automate manual work, collaborate with stakeholders, and report on their impact with data. 


Automate manual work and create repeatable legal workflows.

  • Tasks created via email: You can now consolidate your tasks and requests in Prioritize by creating tasks via email. Just send an email to your unique Prioritize email address and voilà — the request lands on your Prioritize board without clogging up your inbox!
  • Subtasks: By including subtasks in your to-dos, you can break more robust work like IP, M&A, or even disputes into manageable pieces and track progress as you move through each stage. 


Easily find, track, and collaborate on tasks.

  • Saved Filters: Easily access specific tasks or types of tasks by filtering your Prioritize board and saving the view for easy access. You can set these views as private or share with your entire team. 
  • Custom Statuses: Rename statuses to fit your existing processes and naming conventions. If you’re looking for more granular tracking, you can also create additional statuses like “Waiting on Others” or “With Outside Counsel.” 
  • Comments: Working on a task as a team? Collaborate using the in-app chat to share updates and ask questions.


Track progress and report on your impact.

  • Activity Feed: Wondering where a project stands and who is working on what? Keep track of a task’s activity and any changes with the Activity Feed. Quickly see who created a task, who is actively working on a task, and a timestamped record of changes they’ve made.
  • Reporting: Reporting on your team’s workload and impact doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, manual process. Use Dashboards in Prioritize to monitor and report on your team’s workload – plus, get easy access to the data you need to improve processes, make strategic decisions, or even make the case for additional headcount.


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