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July 2023 Release Roundup

Use Dynamic Language with Pricing Tables, view and complete tasks with the Finalize API, and access assigned text with the Word Add-In.

Are you ready to take your LinkSquares proficiency to the next level? July was sizzling with new features! From Dynamic Language enhancements to Word Add-In upgrades, this Release Roundup is an edition you don’t want to miss.  


New! Use Dynamic Language in templates with pricing tables

We’ve expanded Dynamic Language to include pricing tables, making your templates more flexible than ever before. You can now use Dynamic Language on templates with pricing tables, making it easier to customize language on those templates. 


Dynamic Language on Templates w/Token Tables: Now available in Finalize.


Find original token values on the agreement page

Ever been in the thick of contract negotiation and need to see the original token value? We've got you covered. Now you can pull up the agreement page for the contract you're working on, and find the original token values under "Info" in the sidebar. No more hunting down and downloading the original to view the contents!


Display Token Value


Note: Tokens are placeholders within your agreements in which responses will be incorporated directly into the drafted agreement. For example, “Effective Date” can be a token field which is input by any contract requester using a certain template.

Original Token Values on Agreement Showpage: Now available in Finalize.


View, complete, and approve tasks from your preferred tools via the Finalize API

View and complete tasks within the tool you use every day (e.g. NetSuite, HubSpot, etc.) without switching back and forth between systems. Simply mark the task as complete in your connected system, and the same will be marked as completed in Finalize.

Enhancements to the Finalize API:  Now available with the Finalize API.


Quickly find your assigned text in the Microsoft Word Add-In

Contract review in the Microsoft Word Add-In just became easier! Now, when you're tagged in MS Word, click on the task/comment, which will direct you to the exact part of the agreement you need to review. You’ll no longer have to search for the assigned text, so your contract review will be faster than ever.

Untitled (Video)

Access Assigned Text: Now available in the Word Add-In. 


Product Spotlight Webinar: Reporting and Dashboards in LinkSquares 

Check out our webinar on Reporting and Dashboards in LinkSquares to explore how to leverage features to report on and visualize your contract data. You'll learn how to successfully build reports in Analyze, what out-of-the-box capabilities Standard Dashboards offer, and when Custom Dashboards might be the right option and how to get started. Watch it today!  


Reporting and Dashboards_PM_Product-Spotlight-Webinar


Watch Now! Product Spotlight Webinar: Reporting and Dashboards in LinkSquares