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June 2023 Release Roundup

Send Bulk Signature Requests in LinkSquares Sign, use enhanced Dynamic Language functionality in Finalize, and learn about expansions to the LinkSquares API. 

Welcome back to our monthly release rendezvous, where we recap the latest features across the LinkSquares Cloud, arming you with the resources you need to be the savviest user around! June highlights include the ability to generate Bulk Signature Requests in Sign, enhanced Dynamic Language functionality in Finalize, and expansions to the LinkSquares API. 

So if you’re ready to take advantage of everything LinkSquares has to offer, read on!


Generate multiple Signature Requests at once

From stock option agreements to updated vendor contracts, when you find yourself sending the same boilerplate agreement to multiple recipients, why waste time configuring each one separately? With Bulk Signature Requests in LinkSquares Sign, you can generate multiple Signature Requests simultaneously.



Bulk Signature Requests: Now available in Sign.


Visualize Dynamic Language conditions in templates to ensure accurate language

Are you a pro at using Dynamic Language yet? If not, we can help! Now, when you set up your conditions, preview how they’ll impact language in an agreement. Confidently publish templates with Dynamic Language and ensure accurate language in agreements every time.


Preview Conditions


Preview Conditions in Dynamic Language: Now available in Finalize.


The LinkSquares API continues to expand

New enhancements allow you to complete a wide range of actions, all while staying in the systems you know and love: 

  • Finalize API: Upload attachments to existing agreements, download agreement versions and files, update status, and upload new agreement versions.
  • Analyze API: Update contract metadata for agreement name, type, and term.

Updates to the LinkSquares API: Available across the Analyze API and Finalize API.


Change the agreement status “Done” back to a previous status

Have you ever accidentally marked an agreement as “Done”? No sweat. Finalize Admins can now change an agreement’s status from "Done" back to “Internal Review,” “Counterparty Review,” “Ready for Signature,” “Partially Signed,” “Out for Signature,” or “Fully Signed.” Mitigate mistakes in the agreement creation process and gain more control over your agreements. 

Revert Agreement Status: Now available in Finalize.


Quickly reopen tasks when a new agreement version is uploaded

Double-checking your work is important, and some agreements need some extra TLC. Now when you upload a new version of an agreement, you can quickly reopen tasks that need to be performed again, ensuring proper review. Select which completed tasks must be re-done and save time during contract review.

  • Note: If you're re-opening a template task, the SLA will be carried over. Incomplete tasks will be appended to the list of to-do's and approvals. You cannot re-open tasks for agreements in the “Request,” “Completed,” or “Out for Signature” phases. Only Admins or agreement owners can re-open tasks.

Reopen tasks

Reopen Tasks: Please contact your CSM to enable this feature for your Finalize instance.


Find the right attachment during contract review, every time

Speed up your contract review by keeping the most relevant attachments up front and center. Agreement collaborators can now reorder attachments on agreements meaning no more endless scrolling to find the right attachment during contract review.

Reorder Attachments

Reorder Attachments: Now available in Finalize.


Specify who can send agreements through LinkSquares Sign

Add another layer of control to the eSignature process and adjust your team’s Signature Request Permissions on the template level. Grant eSignature access to all agreements or limit it to specific LinkSquares templates.

Limit eSignature access at the template level: Now available in Sign.


Add your preferred language to the Finalize Clause Library from MS Word

Using the Clause Library in the MS Word Add-In just became a two-way street. While you could always pull your preferred language from the Clause Library into MS Word, you can now sync your preferred language back into the Clause Library, allowing for easy access later on.

  • Note - this feature is available only to Finalize Admins.

Clause Library Enhancements: Now available in the Microsoft Word Add-In.


Keep your sales team up-to-date with the latest agreement information

Enjoy a real-time data sync between Finalize and the Finalize App for Salesforce. Salesforce will pull refreshed agreement data from Finalize every 15 minutes, so your sales team always has the most up-to-date contract details. Salesforce users can trigger automations, tasks, and more off this active data to move deals along faster.

Real-time Data Sync:  Now available in the Salesforce Integration.


Create agreements with pricing tables from the Opportunity or Account objects within SFDC

New enhancements allow you to create agreements with pricing tables from the Opportunity or Account objects within SFDC. Maintain a single source of truth, see all your agreements in one place, and ensure accurate reporting every time.

Pricing Tables Enhancement: Now available in the Salesforce Integration.

Upcoming Product Spotlight Webinar: Reporting and Dashboards in LinkSquares 

Join us for a webinar on August 2nd to explore how to leverage LinkSquares to report on and visualize your contract data. You'll learn how to successfully build reports in Analyze, what out-of-the-box capabilities Standard Dashboards offer, and when Custom Dashboards might be the right option and how to get started. You won't want to miss it! Register today. 

Register for the Product Spotlight Webinar: Reporting and Dashboards in LinkSquares