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June 2024

New integrations, dashboards, and Finalize improvements

As the first half of the year comes to a close, we have a jam packed roundup of the latest June releases. What better way to start vacation than with new integrations, data visualizations, and innovations - see what we did there?

Let’s check them out! 

What’s new in contract lifecycle management?


Connect HubSpot with LinkSquares Finalize with several standard, Sales-focused workflows

Keep Legal and Sales aligned, with harmonious data across your CRM and CLM. By connecting HubSpot with LinkSquares Finalize, you can ditch the system-hopping while ensuring everything is running smoothly. This new integration supports standard workflows across HubSpot and Finalize for NDAs, Order Forms, and Subscription Agreements.

  • When a new deal is created in HubSpot, the associated agreements are being drafted in LinkSquares Finalize.
  • Plus, when agreements are updated in Finalize, the updated status is passed back into HubSpot. 


HubSpot Integration: Contact your CSM to learn more. 


Curate dashboards to your data to see just the information you need 

Bring your agreement reporting beyond out-of-the-box functionality without starting from scratch. Choose from a selection of themed dashboards for tailored visualizations that make analysis a breeze. With more granularity into your workflows, you’ll have the insight you need to identify process improvements, close more deals, and audit your contracts at a moment’s notice.

Themed Dashboards Catalog

Themed Dashboards: Contact your CSM to learn more. 


Close deals faster by managing discounted quote approvals right from Slack 

By connecting Slack, Salesforce, and Finalize, sales reps can send discounted quotes to the proper approvers for fast decisions, cutting out the unnecessary back and forth. When a quote with a discount is created in Salesforce, approval requests are routed to the appropriate stakeholders in Slack. 

From there, stakeholders can approve or reject the quote right from Slack and provide any additional information on their reasoning. The decision status is automatically recorded in Salesforce and Finalize, keeping sales and legal on the same page. 

Quote Approvals via Slack:
Contact your CSM to learn more. 


Easily track finalized agreements in your repository by categorizing them during drafting and review

Add tags during drafting and review to categorize and track your agreements. Completed agreements and tags automatically push to your repository for fast, accurate search and reporting.

Pre-Signature Tags: Now available in Finalize


Send related agreements out for signature in one DocuSign envelope

Spend less time sending separate agreements out for signature and end related agreements and attachments in a single DocuSign envelope. Track the signature progress on all agreements without leaving Finalize. 

Send related agreements via DocuSign: Now available with the DocuSign integration


See what in-flight agreements need your attention with expanded filtering

Looking for a specific type of agreement that’s a high priority? Filter the list of all in-flight agreements in Finalize by the agreement Template type. Export the list or save the view to quickly access in the future. 

Filter by template name: Now available in Finalize 


Build more complex formatting into your conditional language to draft agreements faster 

With Dynamic Language, teams can build custom logic into agreement templates to gather relevant information and automatically populate the agreement with the right language.

You can now format your conditional language into paragraphs, apply conditions to Tokens and sections within lists, or remove tables from an agreement.

Dynamic Language: Available in LinkSquares Finalize


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