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November 2023

Dynamic Questions for Finalize, create tasks via email in Prioritize, and so much more!

It’s time to talk turkey about all the exciting new features that came out last month! And picking just one new feature to be thankful for isn’t easy. From a new IT admin role simplifying the management of your entire suite to more Prioritize automations that make checking off that to-do list even more of a cinch, this month has all the trimmings.


What’s new in Contract Lifecycle Management?


Ensure accurate and relevant data collection with Dynamic Questions.

No one likes filling out a lengthy contract request form. With Dynamic Questions, you can build custom logic into Templates to surface hyper-relevant questions to collect just the data you need.

Dynamic Questions: Now available in Finalize.

What’s new in Legal Project Management?

Create tasks via email to streamline your intake process.

Is your inbox full of questions and requests from stakeholders? Now legal team members and other stakeholders can email a request to your Prioritize board to instantly populate a task, making it easier than ever to centralize your work in Prioritize.


Create tasks via email: Now available in Prioritize

Manage and track multi-step tasks with Subtasks in Prioritize.

Break work into manageable pieces and monitor each step to stay on track. With subtasks, you can create repeatable workflows to save time on recurring work.

custom view test

Subtasks: Now available in Prioritize.


Save and share Saved Filters of the Prioritize board.

With the high volume of work on a legal team’s plate, it’s easy for project management tools to become cluttered and disorganized. To quickly find a specific task or type of task in Prioritize just filter the tasks on your board and save the view for easy access.

custom view fast

Saved Filters: Now available in Prioritize


What’s new across the LinkSquares Cloud?

Streamline user access and permissions with a new IT Admin role.

Tired of user management mayhem? We know you’ve got a million (and one) things to do, so we’ve introduced a new IT Admin role to alleviate some work. Let your IT whizzes tackle user access and permissions, and get back to the important work to close out the year strong.

IT Admin Role: Now available across the LinkSquares Cloud


Want to learn more about the LinkSquares Cloud? Check out the new LinkSquares Academy!

Get the most out of LinkSquares with The LinkSquares Academy, our new educational platform that offers product overview courses, on-demand spotlight webinars, monthly release notes, and more.


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