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September 2023

Introducing LinkSquares Prioritize, a brand new Slack integration with Finalize, updates to the API, and more!

Leaves may be falling outside, but at LinkSquares new features are on the rise. September was a time of exciting evolution with the release of our new legal project management solution, Prioritize, our new Slack integration, and enhancements to both the Finalize and Analyze APIs. 

Let’s dive into the latest advancements to revolutionize the way legal work gets done and make life a whole lot easier for in-house teams.


Prioritize is now available to all!

We know legal work doesn’t stop at contracts, and your legal tech shouldn’t either. That’s why we built a tool for you to manage, track, and report on all your legal priorities. 

Want to see it in action? Schedule a demo or join our webinar on Optimizing Legal Intake and Project Management on Oct. 4!


Get real-time updates on your contracts via Slack.  

Drumroll please…Slack joins the ranks as LinkSquares’ newest integration! Integrating LinkSquares Finalize with Slack lets you receive all your Finalize email notifications right within the Slack application in real time. Enjoy a decluttered email inbox and stop searching for agreement notifications in your email. Customize your settings so that you’re notified when you’d like, and never miss a thing as your agreements progress. Stay tuned for more integrations features, coming soon! 



“LinkSquares in general has been a huge improvement to our processes, and their Slack integration is icing on the cake. It's all too easy to lose track of messages in your inbox, and Slack prevents us from missing key notifications. We also enjoy using Slack's features to save messages for later, mark unreads, set a reminder, etc. Slack seems to hold a greater sense of urgency than email, and this is just what we needed to optimize workflows." - Laura Briscoe, Contracts Manager at Logos 

LinkSquares Slack Integration: Connect Finalize to Slack today!


Add and edit notes and tags on your Analyze agreements, all while staying in the systems you know and love.

Regularly updating Notes and Tags across agreements is essential in maintaining an organized repository. Now, with enhanced functionality in the Analyze API, seamlessly work with your agreement Notes and Tags from whichever system you prefer, all with changes reflected back in Analyze. Easy as pie.

Manage Notes and Tags with the Analyze API: Now available with the Analyze API.


Build templates to support File uploads from third-party systems.

Getting the right information upfront before a contract is created is essential. Now, when you create a template in Finalize, select "File" as an answer type, and we'll surface this across third-party systems via the Finalize API. Easily attach all the relevant files as needed so that you have the information to kick off the contract creation process.

File Answer Type: Now available with the Finalize API.


Join our upcoming Prioritize webinar on Oct. 4!

08_DG_Prioritize Webinar Image Ads_v3_1200x628-2

  • Dig into the benefits of a project management tool built for legal.
  • See Prioritize for yourself.
  • Hear how the MiQ team uses LinkSquares Prioritize to manage, track, and report on their day-to-day work.

Register here.